Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) refers to a condition that patients suffer following spinal surgery for back or leg pain. This condition arises, just as the name suggests, when surgery fails and the patient still suffers from the original pain. To be clear, this condition is not to say that a problem arose during surgery or that surgery does not work at all. Instead, it is only referring to the continued pain that patients feel following surgery, the pain that was supposed to be alleviated from surgery. The chances of continued pain after surgery rise significantly when multiple surgeries are performed on the same area of the back. According to Marc Russo who is the Executive Officer at the International Neuromodulation Society, reports have suggested that FBSS has a 20-40% chance of occurring, and “the likelihood is considered greater with repeated surgery” (, 2012). However, there are alternatives to additional surgery.

At NeuroSolutions in Palo Alto , we understand the effects that Failed Back Surgery Syndrome can have on the body, and we may be able to help you find relief from your pain. Your recovery is our top priority. Call (650) 753-1010 to see if you qualify for peripheral neuropathy treatment at NeuroSolutions in Palo Alto.

How Our Treatment Helps Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Our treatment has successfully treated thousands of patients with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is caused by impinged nerve signals in the body that cause irregular sensations. Many of our treatments can help you regain normal reflex nerve signals. We provide a list of treatment options that help you find pain relief from peripheral neuropathy. From electronic stimulation to LED Therapy to Spinal Decompression, we individualize our care to address your specific needs.

More Information About Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy symptoms can range from numbness and tingling to stabbing feelings (paresthesia) and muscle weakness. More severe symptoms consist of burning sensations and even organ dysfunction. Almost all peripheral neuropathy symptoms can be treated with many of our devices.

To learn more about how we can treat your Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, visit NeuroSolutions in Palo Alto or call (650) 753-1010 to speak with one of our Peripheral Neuropathy professionals today.

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