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I have been dealing with Post Herpetic Neuropathy since 2009. With all the medication and various other treatments I’ve tried, the pain has never gone below a 5. I started the therapy and am pain free. I didn’t even remember what it was like to be pain free. I am so unbelievably happy and grateful to have found this therapy. There are not enough words.

Toni B.

Both of the Doctor’s were wonderful. Never have I had such good results. I have had chronic pain for years with poor results from other doctors. I will never go to any other doctors. The Spurlocks are the best. They work with the newest equipment, which combined with their knowledge gives great results !!!!!!

Patricia R.

I suffered for eight years with peripheral neuropathy and a host of autoimmune disorders before discovering Chronic Conditions of SLO last September. The initial evaluation was the most thorough examination I’d ever received from any other medical professional in the past 8 years, & for the first time since my diagnosis in 2008, I was given hope in a long term recovery. At the time of my initial visit I was unable to walk or even stand on my feet for any length of time without suffering excruciating numbness and pain. My feet felt like balloons inflated to the point of bursting & I could not tolerate socks, shoes, or even the pressure of bedcovers on my feet at night. After only several weeks of treatment I realized one morning that I slept through the night with my feet under the covers! I was ecstatic! And finally on the road to lasting recovery!


Drs’ Madison & Christine Spurlocks’ vast & comprehensive knowledge of Functional Medicine coupled with their state of the art technology offers a holistic approach to wellness that I believe is unsurpassed in their field. I was given a roadmap & specific dietary instructions, and they were always available for questions & concerns. And their professional, competent & courteous staff is above par.


I’ve only been on this journey for four months but have never felt so healthy and vibrant in my entire life. I’m even able to dance again! Thank you Chronic Conditions of SLO for giving me my life back! God bless you!

DeborahAnn W.

Friendly staff. Outstanding care. I suffer from chronic migraines. One visit to Chronic Conditions of SLO brought my pain level down from a ten to a two. Thank you for helping me feel better again.

Diana R.

I highly recommend….Both Dr. Spurlocks and office staff are all extremely professional and helpful. I have referred several friends and will continue to do so.

Annette P.

Thank you so much to Chronic Conditions. The doctors and staff are both professional and caring. I highly recommend them!

Brooke B.

Great doctors and staff . Thank you Chronic Conditions of SLO

Sue W.

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