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Neuropathy in my feet has drastically improved
Neuropathy causing leg pain and now it’s gone
I felt better than I had in a year and a half
14 years of fibromyalgia, now I don’t have pain
Peripheral Neuropathy can be reversed!
I used to have severe back pain every night
My shoe size is finally back to normal
Her son is now nerve pain free
Now I can wear shoes and my feeling is back to normal
I feel great!
I sleep better at night and don’t have any pain
No back spasms anymore
Ankle swelling and discoloration is back to normal
I’m so glad I did the Calmare treatment
I’m back to normal within a couple months
No more pain in my feet
I can feel the carpet fibers now
From Degenerative Disc Disease to feeling 90% back to normal

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